Mitsubishi Lossnay

With the amount of electronic equipment found in business premises these days combined with more efficient insulation, the need for Air Conditioning and ventilation has become more important than ever. As well as controlling the temperature it is vital that air changes are made to ensure a fresh and healthy working environment for you and your colleagues.

As a Mitsubishi Approved installer, Mitsubishi Electric will provide excellent air quality and unbeatable heat exchange efficiency. The system has perfected the recovery of waste energy by using the cooling or heating energy from the extracted air to cool down or warm up the incoming fresh air as required.

Simple but very effective recycling!

The Lossnay system can be used on its own as an efficient means of ventilation, but is best used in conjunction with a heating and cooling Air Conditioning system. The heat recovery capabilities of the Lossnay System means you can save up to 30% on the initial capital cost of the AC equipment.

The main features of the Lossnay System are:

  • Excellent Energy Recovery – The total heating recovery provides a comfortable level of air temperature within the room and the energy saved helps to lower the cooling or heating needs and so reduce energy and running costs.
  • Effective Ventilation – While conventional extract propeller type ventilators often do not work effectively within airtight buildings due to the negative air pressure, the Lossnay’s simultaneous air exhaust/supply system will always provide you with effective ventilation.
  • Free Cooling Function – The Lossnay system can provide free cooling for much of the year by using outside air when it is around 18 deg C or lower, making it ideal for Server Rooms or other applications where all year round cooling is required.
  • Multi-ventilation mode (LGH system) and good sound attenuation – The supply/exhaust balance can be selected to suit all environments and as the core of the Lossnay system is made of paper, it provides excellent soundproofing properties. It also meets the challenges of new building design (Part L2 or Part J in Scotland) as buildings become more airtight for energy efficiency.

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