F Gases

F-Gases are chemicals that contain ‘Florine’ and strict regulations are in place concerning their safe handling. The certification body Refcom state that companies undertaking installation, servicing maintenance stationary RAC equipment containing, designed to contain F-Gases must hold a company certificate. The deadline for full certification was 4 July.

In some cases however, companies working with refrigerants are mistakenly assuming that they are not required to gain full certification if they work on small systems below a 3kg limit. As a result they are not applying for full certification in compliance with the F-Gas Regulations.

The confusion seems to have arisen due to a clause in the regulations but Refcom Secretary Steve Crocker explains: This is a serious misconception that needs to be clarified. The bottom line is that the 3kg limit is only applicable to leak checking. Failure to do so is a breach of the F-Gas Regulations. It’s that simple.

Businesses need a Company Certificate if they employ personnel to undertake installation, servicing or maintenance on stationary RAC equipment that contains or is designed to contain F-Gases, regardless of the equipment’s system charge.

Undertaking installation, servicing or maintenance activities on RAC equipment (containing less than 3kg of F-Gas), requires a minimum of a category II qualification. However a category III qualification is not sufficient for any service and maintenance work on equipment and only enables the holder to undertake recovery activities on RAC equipment.

A category IV qualification only enables the holder to undertake non-invasive leak checking activities on any size of system A Company Certificate is not required if only recovery work or leak checking activities are undertaken, any manufacturing, repairing activity, undertaken at manufacturers sites stationary refrigeration, Air Conditioning or heat pump equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Here at LYNX AC, you can be assured that we are fully certified and compliant with Refcom’s full regulations concerning the handling of F-Gas.