Planning Permission for Air Source Heat Pumps

Installing an air source heat pump currently calls for an application for planning permission due to potential noise which could be experienced by neighbouring properties. While ground-source heat pumps and wood or fossil-fuel boilers are usually considered to be a ‘permitted development’ under planning regulations, the air source heat pump is not.

However, speaking at the opening of the first Southampton Eco Event, Chris Huhne, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, confirmed that the need for this planning permission will be lifted. He clarified that some restrictions such as consideration for noise and the number of heat pumps installed still had to be adhered to but that the process should now become very simple.

It is thought that new legislation will be in place later this year but that permission will not be required where the following criteria is met:

  • There is no wind turbine at the property
  • The external unit is less than 0.6 m3 in size
  • It is more than one metre from the edge of the householder’s property
  • It is not on a pitched roof, or near the edge of a flat roof
  • It meets additional criteria if in a conservation area, World Heritage Site etc

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